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At Newton's Heating and Air we want to help our customers in whatever ways that we can. Check out this list of tips and tricks below, to find out more information about how you can easily fix some of your heating and cooling needs.
01 Fix AC Fins

Sometimes AC units can get misshapen which causes the air flow to not function at its best. This can easily be fixed with a few tools from your home. Grab a dinner knife from your kitchen and insert it just slightly into the fins of the AC unit.

02 Fix a Noisy AC Unit

Compressor sound blankets are an easy solution to noisy AC Units. You can usually find out the type od sound blanket you need by contacting the manufacturer who made your AC unit. If you have any further questions about noise or what can fix your unit contact Newtons today!

03 Replacing Filters

Replacing AC filters isn't as complicated as it may initially appear. To begin this process first turn off the power to the furnace. Next, remove the filter and look to see if there is too much dirt buildup . If there is a good bit of dirt build up replace it with a new one. If you have any questions about this process, give us a call!

04 Cooling Tips

Sometimes no matter how well your AC is functioning certain rooms of your house can feel warmer than others. If this is the case, it may be because those rooms have more windows where sun light can enter in. If so, then you may try covering those windows during the hottest part of the day. This will help to keep your home cooler and your electricity bill a little lower.

05 Find Air Leaks

It's not uncommon for many homes to have air leaks. To detect if this is a problem some people recommend you to close all of the windows, shut off all fans and then to light some incense and walk around your home. If you notice smoke moving or being sucked towards certain areas then you may have an air leak.

06 Leave the Vents Open

Although some people believe that closing air vents will help to save them energy and make their electric bill go down this is actually not the case. Your AC unit unfortunately will still require the same amount of electricity to operate. It can actually be somewhat damaging in the long run to the ductwork of your AC.

07 Maintaining the Unit

Keeping the outside of your AC unit clean is just as important as keeping the inside well maintained. Make sure to frequently remove any limb, shrubs or excessive dirt build up from your AC unit so that it can function properly and does not run into any problems.

08 Checking your Furnace

Many people don't realize that the color of their furnaces flame is an important sign as to whether or not your furnace is functioning properly. The color of the flame on your furnace should be a a crisp blue color if it is working properly. If your furnace flame is any other color than this make sure to call Newton's to get it repaired soon.

09 Dusting the Unit

It's important to wipe away any excess dust or buildup on your AC unit. If this is not done frequently, it can cause the unit to breakdown faster and need to be repaired.

As the seasons change its always smart to run your homes AC Unit or Furnace through a routine maintenance check. Doing this can help you to get ahead of any issues before the weather and temperatures get more severe. Call Newton's Heating and Air to schedule your routine maintenance check today!